Adam's Environmental Coffin

We knew Adam would choose a funeral which would have as little impact as possible on the environment and so we investigated different alternatives. Eventually we settled on a cardboard coffin made from recycled materials. They are suitable for burial or cremation and produce little pollution. Also important for us, the opportunity for decoration enabled us to make a very personal contribution which could be extended to all those who chose to take part. The pictures show the coffin on the kitchen table with some of the many friends and family who contributed. Age or the ability to paint was not an issue, hand prints and thumb marks were much appreciated.

adams coffin

Placing the coffin in the familiarity of the kitchen helped break down fear and encourage participation and purpose at the saddest of times when many were in deep shock. The act of painting the coffin over three days contributed to this first step in coming to terms with Adam´s death.

An active participation in the ritual of handing over our beloved Adam, the beginning of the process of separation, the pain of which could be channelled into something positive.

Wildlife was the theme chosen for the artwork and various animals and birds are shown in the photos, all of which were special or significant to Adam and conservation.

Our decision to bring Adam home to rest in a quiet cool room for two nights before the funeral service or what we prefer to call a celebration of his life, was perhaps the best we made. It afforded the opportunity for those who wanted to sit with him in candlelight and many did. Personal letters to him were placed inside the coffin. Adam loved his home and it was appropriate for him and ourselves that we left here together for the last time.